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Empowering the Youth through Dance

I am Chérubin Wisnette. I am a dancer. I am the dance teacher at AFADLA.


For me, dance is very important. First of all, dance is a sport. But the children also get a lot of exposure. Through dance, they visit a lot of new places. They meet a series of people they wouldn't have met. They end up having to face them squarely. It creates a foundation for anything they want to do.


A lot of students are motivated to join these classes. Through their commitment, they have proven their love of dance. Even though I've told them "It's difficult, and it takes time." But their motivation –– I really, really love it. I really love the motivation of the children. And they have also given me a lot of love in return.


My love of dance is what motivates me to give these classes to the children. I feel obliged to share it, so I should share it. And since I am sharing it, I would like for it not to be in vain. The motivation has to be present in them.


It can bring a change to their lives. As long as the children love it, it keeps them out of trouble. It becomes a priority for them.


The thing that would allow me to teach them better would be to hire live drummers. Right now I use my telephone to record drummers playing. Having live drummers would be a lot better.


As their dance instructor, I am borrowing the voice of the children to offer a big thank you to CCH for the support that they've given thus far. So that the children can dance.

––Chérubin Wisnette

Dance Instructor, AFADLA

(translated by Reginald Turnier and Michael Rogers)


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