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Helping Out in a Medical Emergency

Every person deserves access to healthcare and social support. Here’s how AFADLA, the Women's Association for the Development of Lafon, recently helped a family in our community.

I am Madame Makila Bienaimable. I have four children. I have three who are older and one who is still young.

The young one became unwell. One morning she told me, “Mama, my foot hurts.”


I said, “If it hurts you, it could be that you sprained it.”


But by Thursday, the foot was so swollen that the skin had split. It was bleeding.


I called a nurse. We visited the hospital and explained. The same afternoon they operated and saved the foot. If it wasn’t for them, she would have lost the foot. The situation had become very urgent.


AFADLA has done a huge favor for us. The gave us medical assistance. They paid for the operation and medication. Everything.


I am very happy. I thank them. I thank them very much. They have done a great thing for me and for my family.


Without them the child would have lost her foot. I don’t know how to thank them enough. The group is good for us. I love the group a lot.


I didn’t understand how import this group was before, but now I do.

––Makila Bienaimable

(Translated by Reginald Turnier and Michael Rogers)


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