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Women's Center Installs Solar Power!

AFADLA (the Women's Association for the Development of Lafon) was established in 2021. Ever since then, our biggest concern has been to secure a space with electricity.

We acquired a space and now we have electricity. It's a factor that was necessary for us in order to meet our potential.

We all know that without energy nothing can happen, in any country in the world. AFADLA's goal in installing this solar electricity system is for the young women to have a space to come to where they can discover themselves and have fun.

Now there are a number of new educational programs we're offering that wouldn't have been possible before. When they learn these skills it allows them to put money in their pockets so that these young women can help their families and become autonomous.

This is what AFADLA is all about.

We'd like to take this occasion to thank CCH because without them we wouldn't have been able to install this solar electricity system. They're always there for us. They always support us in any way they can. We would like for them to find more opportunities to support the work of AFADLA.

Together let's reinforce support for this community and continue this forward momentum. Because every light that we turn on can illuminate more children and light each of their paths.

––Fabienne Lerine

President, Women's Association for the Development of Lafon

(Translated by Reginald Turnier and Michael Rogers)


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