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Our Arts and Technology project is a collaboration with the organization Jakmel Ekspresyon, located in the city of Jacmel, Haiti. With over ten years of experience providing peer-to-peer and expert-led courses in arts and technology for the community, this locally led nonprofit ....

In Haiti, the problem of gang violence springs from a deficit of possibilities. Without economic opportunities, positive examples of young people making a decent living through talent and hard work are difficult to find.


That's why our Arts and Technology Project will be a partnership with the respected arts education nonprofit organization Jakmel Ekspresyon to fund their exciting new "coding boot camp" initiative. This initiative will provide facilities and professional instruction for talented local artists and makers in the Jakmel area of southeast Haiti to channel their creative talents into the tech industry. In the process, these students will be learning skills that make them immediately employable on the global market, opening up the potential for earning financial independence and a respected place as positive role models in their communities.

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